make your own bibimbap

Bibimbap is a signature Korean dish that translates to "mixed rice" in Korean. Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm rice topped with namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili red pepper paste), soy sauce, or doenjang, a salty soybean paste. A fried egg and sliced protein are common additions. The hot dish is stirred together throughly just before eating. 

Here at Brown Rice, we believe in providing you with the freshest ingredients to enjoy your Bibimbap just the way you like it. 


how it works

Choose bowl size and rice type

You can choose from three bowl sizes (Be Bowl, Super Bowl, and Hot Stone Bowl) and Five rice types (Brown Rice, White Rice, Multi Grain Rice, Jasmine Rice, Barley Rice )

choose your protein          

Add some protein to your bowl! Choose from Beef Bulgogi, Chicken Bulgogi, Spicy Pork, Spicy Beef, Salmon, White Fish, or Stir Fried Squid , and also Three kinds Tofu (Fried tofu, Smoked tofu, Steamed tofu)

choose your vegetables and sauce

Fill your bowl with up to seven types of fresh Korean vegetables. From Kale to Kimchi to Shiitake Mushrooms, we have over 25 different vegetables for you to pick from. Finally, add any of our homemade sauces to top your bowl off!